Optimal Won One for the Climate

The Three African American Men Became 2019 Category Winners

Climate Cup Win
I am happy to share with you that Optimal Solar won the California Climate Cup — Clean and Smart Grid 2019 category. This comes with recognition, bragging rights, and $5,000 for Optimal. The competition kicked off at La Kretz Innovation Campus on June 25th, moved to Volvo Group Hub 335 on June 26th, and concluded on California State Capitol Building on June 27th.

Over 80 companies entered the California Climate Cup. There were nine semifinalist over three categories — Clean & Smart Grid, Energy/ Transportation Nexus, and Zero Emissions Transportation. The event was delivered by LA Cleantech Incubator and New Energy Nexus, as well as sponsored by the Volvo Group, Construction Climate Challenge, and LADWP. We were happy to become a semi-finalist and humbled to win California Climate Cup Clean & Smart Grid 2019.

Business and Technology Win
Among other things, we developed new relationships some were at the Climate Cup and others were not. We believe that these relationships will deliver significant growth and projects. It is great to have business development, another win for us.

Dr. Aquanette Burt and I figured out a means to lower our manufacturing cost and accelerating production speed. Further, our relationship with Bassanio Peters at Assist 2 Develop expanded and will result in increased manufacturability and cost savings. This collaborative engineering work was yet another win for us.

What Now
1) We will have to spend the $5,000. We will build a 2.5 kW for UL testing. Once we secure UL, we will be able to offer the systems to the world.
2) For business development, we have a lot of follow up and document development and delivery. And after, we completed #1 above, we will be cash flowing.
3) For the technology development, we will use information here to build the 2.5 kW system for UL testing.

These wins create the type of work that we enjoy. We are excited to work with our partners and make a difference in the world. At the end of the day, our work produces electricity without generating carbon emissions. These wins help us to more quickly move to an inclusive cleantech economy which is a winner for the Climate and Economic Development.

It was a great week.

Building Wealth by Ending Energy Poverty.

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